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Visit Masada and the Dead Sea

  • Meeting Place Tel Aviv, Israel
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  • 073-7581502
  • Group Trip
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  • 7:15 AM
  • 114 p/p
  • Approx. Duration: 1 day

Head down to the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea on a tour from Tel Aviv. Explore Masada taking a  cable car up for an approx 2 hour tour of the ancient fortress of Masada, the last Jewish outpost from the time of Roman rule over Judea.

Here, you’ll see King Herod’s palace and swimming pools, the community’s water cisterns, store houses and even a synagogue. After you’ve descended the mountain, your tour will continue to the salt-encrusted shores of the Dead Sea to enjoy a dip in its mineral-rich waters. Along the way, you’ll also get a chance to view the Inn of the Good Samaritan and Qumran, where archaeologists uncovered the Dead Sea Scrolls.


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