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If Jerusalem is Israel’s soul, then Tel Aviv is the heart. And its beat is the eternal rhythm of the Mediterranean Sea waves crashing along the city’s beautiful, sandy shores.

Get ready to fall in love – Tel Aviv is adored by visitors from around the world, often being named one of the world’s greatest destinations.

Founded in 1909 by a group of Jewish pioneers on an empty sand dune, today Tel Aviv is a vibrant city bursting with culture, restaurants, museums, beaches and a world-renowned nightlife.

What iTravelTelAviv has to offer you

iTravelTelAviv is here to help you navigate the richness of Tel Aviv by offering a comprehensive guide of Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Herzliya and everything within a 15 minute radius of the city. Here you’ll get information about the most popular hang outs, a hotel comparison engine, a ticket-purchasing system directly from box offices, a list of recommended events, restaurants, and much more, all in an accessible and user-friendly website. iTravelTelAviv also shares information about tours in Tel Aviv and around Israel – and to Jordan – in order to really help you round out your trip.

Basically iTravelTelAviv will help you decide what museums to visit, where to party, what beaches to go to and what hotel to stay at by giving you informational pages about places and events, and articles helping direct you based on your preferences.

A taste of your visit to Tel Aviv

During the day take in Tel Aviv’s unique ambiance with a visit to the Neve Tzedek, the city’s “SoHo,” Jaffa’s beautiful Old Port, the modern Namal Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv’s port), the open-air commercial and historical center Sarona, or the beach promenade – the Tayelet. (See all attractions)

From the hundreds of restaurants around the city, consider the chopped beef tartar with curry tahini at Herbert Samuel, seafood, fish or meats at Hazaken Vehayam (The Old Man and the Sea) in Jaffa, a strawberry walnut salad at Uno or slow cooked meats at Eser. (See all restaurants)

The must-see attractions include the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Nalagaat where you learn what it’s like to be blind, the historical and archeological Eretz Israel Museuem and Independence Hall where the State of Israel was declared. (See all museums)

Learn all about Tel Aviv’s beaches including Frishman, Gordon, Metzitzim and the Herzliya Acadia beaches.

And when you’re ready to shop, you’ve got your pick from the Ramat Aviv Mall, the Diamond Exchange District and many unique shops on side streets such as Bugrashov and Bezalel streets.

As the day turns into night, the music gets louder and fun is to be found around every corner. Many friendly bars and intimate restaurants are at your fingertips including many gay-friendly options.

Plenty of live music like at Club Barby that hosts musicians inside its cozy walls including Mark Lanegan, Blonde Redhead, Balkan Beat Box and many others. For romantic, the opera or playhouse. A modern art gallery or the 3D movie theater at DIzengoff Square.

In this international city, the financial center of Israel and a heterogeneous mashup of people, places and things, take in the vibe of creativity, culture and youthfulness. After your visit to Tel Aviv, we’re sure you’ll be adding it to your “best cities in the world” list just like so many others international travels do.

Some Israelis claim that Tel Avivians live in a bubble. That is up for debate but one thing is for sure – visiting the bubble is an experience to remember.

Wishing you a wonderful stay in Tel Aviv,

The iTravelTelAviv Team

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