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Top 10 Beaches in Tel Aviv and Herzliya


Tel Aviv and Herzliya, like the other coastal cities in Israel are renowned for their picturesque beaches full of people of all ages and from all walks of life enjoying the sand and sea, playing beach sports and matkot (beach paddle ball), surfing and really whatever their hearts desire, so if you’re ever at a loss for what to do in Tel Aviv, heading to the beach is always a good option.

Sunbathe and swim by day, or enjoy the relaxing sea air and sound of the waves by night, but whatever you do, don’t miss out on the Tel Aviv beaches.

Most Tel Aviv beaches have similar amenities and facilities, but different beaches cater to different specific interests and needs, so before you go, make sure to check if your beach has parking facilities, restaurants, bars and other vendors, an entrance fee, access for the disabled and any other features that you might desire or require. And if you want to stay by the beach, there are plenty of beach hotels in Tel Aviv.

It’s also important to know in advance what the water conditions are like and whether or when life-guards are on duty.

With all that covered, here is a list of 10 popular beaches in Tel Aviv and Herzliya and what makes them unique:  

Tel Aviv

Banana Beach

Also known as Drummers Beach and Dolphinarium beach, Banana Beach is one of the most popular spots for surfing and other water sports on the Tel Aviv coastline. Along with a couple of surf shops, you’ll find the popular Banana Beach Cafe the beach takes its name from, ample facilities and beach chairs for rent. On Friday afternoons, you can also take part in the iconic drum circle and Capoeira sessions.

Drum Beach3

Photo: Gabrielle Donati

Where: Off Kaufmann street, between Jerusalem Beach and Alma Beach

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach Tel Aviv

Gordon Beach is a hotspot for everything from sports and swimming to dining and relaxing. Recognized as one of the best urban beaches in the world, it has several volleyball courts, an outdoor gym, a saltwater swimming pool, a restaurant on the beach and many more nearby and ample facilities and chair rentals. 

This is also one of the beaches that has lifeguards on duty year-round (reduced hours in the winter).

Where: The northern end of the Herbert Samuel Promenade where it meets Gordon Street

Hilton Beach

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Located right in front of the Hilton hotel, Hilton Beach is divided into 3 unofficial sections — the dog beach, the gay beach and the surf beach — so it attracts a great mix of beach-lovers. 

Location: Beneath the Hilton Hotel and Independence Park (Gan Haatzmaut)

Metzitzim Beach

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

If you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, then Metzitzim Beach will probably be your top choice. The calm waters are perfect for younger children, it has bathrooms, showers, changing rooms and a snack kiosk, and the shops and restaurants of the Tel Aviv Port are just a short walk away.

And if you’re a book fan, you can leave your own material at home and grab a something new from the free Street Library.

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Where: The northernmost point of the Shlomo Lahat Promenade, where it meets the Tel Aviv Port

Jerusalem Beach

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

What it lacks in shiny new facilities, Jerusalem beach more than makes up for with a lively, authentic beach atmosphere fueled by young tourists and Israelis who have no problem just laying out a towel and spending their day in the sun listening to music, playing matkot and drinking a few beers.

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

There are also volleyball courts, a cafe, and standard facilities if you need them.

Where: Where Allenby Street meets the Herbert Samuel Promenade, across from the Opera Tower

Check out a full map of Tel Aviv’s beaches >>


Herzliya is known for it’s beautiful, clean beaches and strong waves that make it a hotspot for surfing.

Hasharon Beach 

HaSharon Beach is probably the top social hangout beach in Herzliya, with plenty chair rentals, beach facilities and nearby dining options, including the famous Arie’s Ice Cream.

The waters are a little bit rougher than those in Tel Aviv, but still safe for responsible swimming and perfect for beginner surfers.

Where: By Zvi Benson Park where Hatayelet Street meets the promenade

Acadia Beach 

Located underneath the Dan Accadia Hotel, the sprawling Acadia beach is one of the most beautiful on the coast with white sands, clear blue waters and plenty of restaurants and cafes to hang out at and take in the sun and the view. There are enough waves for surfing, but it’s calm enough for beginners, and you can find a surf school on the beach.

Address: Underneath the Dan Accadia Hotel, 122 Ramat Yam Street, Herzliya

Zvulun Beach

While the narrow beach front makes Zvulun Beach (also called Dabush Beach) less of a social gathering spot than its neighbors, it is one of the most popular for surfers because there are no wave breakers. At any given time of day, the sky will be full of windsurfer kites. You can rent equipment and take classes from the school nearby, and if you just want to hang out someplace a little less crowded, there are a few cafes and patches of grass for picnics.

Where: Underneath Okeanus Suites, 50 Ramat Yam Street, Herzliya

Marina and Boats Beach

Marina Beach and the connected Boats Beach are particularly popular thanks to their proximity to the bustling Herzliya Marina and its many shops and restaurants. It’s also the place to go if you want to do some jet skiing or sail.

Where: By the Herzliya Marina

Apollonia Beach 

Apollonia Beach is a narrow stretch of the shore between the cliffs and the sea. It is mostly rocks rather than sand, but people still go there for the seclusion and beauty of the relatively untouched cliffs and waters. 

Location: Just north of Sidney Ali Beach

Check out a full map of Herzliya’s beaches >>



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