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6 of the Hottest Clubs in Tel Aviv



Tel Aviv’s club scene is one of the city’s proudest institutions, with establishments of all shapes, sizes and characters offering some of the wildest parties and best music anywhere in the world.

With the many options, your choice depends on what you’re looking for. The city is filled to the brim with everything from hip underground classic clubs, dance bars, mega clubs and warehouse party venues.  

Keep reading for a list of some of the best places to party in Tel Aviv and to find even more party options, check out our listing of all the Tel Aviv clubs.

Underground Clubs

The Block

The Block is often called the best club in Tel Aviv and has an international reputation to boot thanks to the best sound system in the country and its ability to draw the top international house and techno talent from Europe, the US and elsewhere.

The main room is an acoustic masterpiece that delivers a pure sound across the dancefloor and features international bigwigs from electronic music scene just about every Thursday, when locals and foreigners alike flock to the Block en masse.

The Block also features two other rooms with their own sound systems where local and international support plays during the main parties on Thursday and Friday and smaller parties are held on other days.

The Lounge is a more laidback bar area, while the Squat boasts a decidedly underground flavor.

Friday parties usually cater to the gay community.


Address: 157 Salameh Street, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-537-8002

The Cat and the Dog

The Cat and the Dog is a dark, underground club established by the ex-owners of the “Breakfast club”. They play a variety of eclectic music, a wide selection of alcoholic drink, and a busy dance floor. A very popular hang-out place for you to enjoy your evenings. This club has a real vibe and positive energy to it. The music is underground electronic, funk and groove, with rock music nights every so often. The club on opens late at night. Also, be warned the club is usually full of smoke and alcohol.


Phone: 03-561-5595

The Penguin Club

The Penguin Club is another underground club, located in a basement, but unlike many other basement clubs, the owners of the Penguin Club invested heavily in its interior design in addition to its sound.

The club has several sections, each with a classic wooden bar stocked well with every different type of alcohol and manned by friendly professional bartenders that can tend to whatever your drink order may be.

In the middle, there is a low-key private bar for VIP’s of sorts who are connected to the club in some way. There are also two small booths with doors that you can lock from the inside if you want a break from the revelry either by yourself or with a fellow clubber, as well as booths with tables near the DJ booth. The massive main bar is adjacent to the dance floor.

Get to the Penguin Club late if you want a party already in motion because it’s not uncommon for the place to be virtually dead as late as 1 am or 2 am.


Address: 43 Yehuda Halevi, Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-5661450

The Breakfast Club

One of Tel Aviv’s original underground institutions, the Breakfast Club is still one of the hottest and hippest spots in town, pumping underground techno and deep house beats on a nightly basis for Tel Aviv’s most hardened clubbers. You can enter the club from Rothschild Boulevard.

Thursday night is also one of the most popular gay nights in the city.


Address: 6 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-5100-101

Mega Clubs

Haoman 17

Haoman 17 has long been one of the most popular clubs in Israel. The original HaOman 17 in Jerusalem grew to such a destination for Tel Aviv clubbers that the club added another location in Tel Aviv. The club features a classic design with three bar surrounding the main dance floor and a second room with another bar and dance floor. HaOman 17 hosts some of the hottest local and international DJ’s on a weekly basis.


Address: 88 Abarbanel Street, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-681-3636


Tel Aviv has certainly become an underground hot spot, but its mainstream club scene isn’t suffering for it. The hugely popular Clara club makes the absolute most of its prime beachfront real estate, with a sprawling outdoor dance floor and lounging area dotted with comfortable sofas and tables and typically full of the most beautiful people in the city.

If you want to party the night away with the sea air in your face and the waves crashing at your feet, Clara is certainly the place to go.

Keep in mind, though, that Clara is known for its strict door policy, so dress to impress and get there early if you want to avoid long lines.


Address: Between Dolphinarium Beach and Charles Clore Garden
Phone: 054-666-1515

Photos: Courtesy of The Block, Morfium and Valium

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