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For years Israel was a “two-horse town” when it came to beer, but over the past decade, the country has undergone a renaissance of sorts as drinking establishments began importing international brands of all sorts to meet customer demand and micro breweries have popped up in all corners of the country, steadily gaining popularity. 


This is Israel’s oldest and still its most popular beer. An agreeable red lager with distinct rich flavors and a great aroma, you can find it at almost any bar and shop in the country.


Situated in Emek Hefer, between Tel Aviv and Haifa, and characterized by its funny flying turtle logo. Alexander offers 4 different types of beer. The “Black” won the gold medal in English Style Porter category at the 2013 European Beer Star awards.  Ambree is an ale with caramel flavors, delicate bitterness and a full body; the Blonde is light, clear and creamy with a medium body; and the “Green” is an IPA style with bitter-sweet flavors and a full body.


Named after Israel’s southern desert region, Negev boutique brewery is located in the city of Kiryat Gat. Its most popular beer is the Amber Ale with a dark red/brown color and a fruity sweetness and it is increasingly available in bars and stores throughout the country.

Golan Brewery

Located in the northern Golan region, the Golan Brewery produces four beers under its flagship Bazelet series, which it rolled out in 2010. Bazelet Pilsner is a refreshing yet bitter pale lager; the Double Bock is strong and dark with rich flavors; Bazelet Wheat is sweet and citrusy; and Bazelet Amber is an exceptionally strong amber ale with complex tastes. Bazelet Wheat, Bazelet Amber Ale and the Double Bock all won Israeli beer awards, with the Double Bock taking home an additional award from Germany. Keep an eye out for Golan Brewery seasonal brews as well.


Drawing its name from the Hebrew word for “queen” (hence the crown logo), Malka is a micro-boutique brewery in Kibbutz Yechiam in the Galilee that has quickly become a favorite among Israeli beer enthusiasts. It manufactures 4 styles: the dark chocolaty “Irish Stout,” a classic Bavarian-style wheat beer, the Belgium Blond Ale with a touch of citrus (as a result of the orange peels that are added during the brewing process) and the bitter English Pale Ale.

These are certainly not all of the best beers in Israel, as there are numerous quality small breweries that have yet to make a name for themselves. You can also find the Palestinian beer Taybeh, which now comes in several styles, in some bars and stores throughout Israel.

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