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Like any other cultural capital, Tel Aviv offers a variety of museums to choose from depending on your interests.

Some museums like the Diaspora Museum (Beit HaTfutsot) and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art are impressive in their size and scale, while others like the Bauhaus museum and the Reuven Rubin museums are on a smaller, more specific scale.

There are also fascinating museums in surrounding suburbs like the Design Museum in Holon, South of Tel Aviv and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Herzliya to the North.

Here is an overview of five of the top museums in the Tel Aviv area, and you can find out about other Tel Aviv museums by clicking here.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Opened in 1932 before the establishment of the State, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is on par with the best museums in Europe or the US. It boasts exhibits from leading artists from both Israel and around the world. The museum contains both permanent and temporary exhibits that present various artistic works in an especially creative and thought provoking manner.

The museum also puts on concerts in the auditorium and screens artistic films in the auditorium.

Museum admission also includes entrance to the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, which showcases the the latest in Israeli and foreign contemporary art.

Eretz Israel Museum

The Eretz Israel museum offers a fascinating archaeological and historical experience, through exhibitions featuring art, historical and cultural artifacts, Judaica and ethnography from the land of Israel. Located in the northern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Ramat Aviv, this museum is a must-visit for anyone who wants to gain a deeper appreciation of the Land of Israel and its connection to the Jewish People.

The museum’s design is stimulating and dynamic, often making use of using interactive displays and a planetarium, among other tools, to bring the Land of Israel to life for visitors.

Museums in Holon

Despite being one of Tel Aviv’s proverbial younger step-siblings, Holon is home to two of the greater metropolitan areas most interesting museums.

The Children’s Museum in Holon employs fun interactive activities and displays that make participants feel like they are part of the exhibits.

The ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ section provides an opportunity for children to experience what it means to be blind. The guides are visually impaired or blind. Through going through the museum, children are made to realize that blind people are not disabled, but rather use other sense to survive. At the end of the museum, children discuss what they have learnt and reflect.

The ‘Invitation to Silence’ part of the museum, enables children to experience what it’s like to be deaf and appreciate how deaf people use other senses to develop and progress.

Other sections of the museum focus on teaching children to use their imagination.

Meanwhile, the Design Museum is one of the premiere museums in the world in its field. Not only does it host a regular slate of exhibitions by Israelis and international designers, but the building it is housed in has been recognized as a distinct work of art in its own right and even called a new wonder of the world by Conde Nast Travel Magazine.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall is a must for those who wish to re-live the declaration of Independence in May 1948. The stage, tables, chairs and exhibits are all original, as are the names of the public figures who are inscribed on the dignitaries’ stage. Adding to the authentic experience, you will hear the recording of Ben Gurion declaring independence and the cheers as he walked down the steps. The museum has is centrally located on Rothschild Boulevard, near the intersection with Allenby Street.

The Diaspora Museum

For thousands of years the Jewish people have been scattered around the globe, from North America to Asia, forming unique cultures and individuals with unique experiences and stories.

The Diaspora Museum (Beit Hatfutsot) tells the ongoing story of the Jewish Diaspora through an exceptional collection of database comprised of images, murals, dioramas, audio-visual displays, documentary films and interactive multimedia.

The main exhibit consists of 6 different chambers, each one covers a particular aspect of Jewish life in the Diaspora: family, community, faith, culture, living among the nations and the return to Zion.

The museum holds the most remarkable database of Jewish Genealogy, allowing visitors to explore their own family history and take part in their story.

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