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You will find the vast majority of car rental companies have representatives at the airport.

Click here to find out more about renting a car at Ben Gurion Airport ( Tel Aviv Airport).

Basic facts and conditions 

Car hire companies are mainly found in HaYarkon Street. Be aware that to rent a car you need to be over 21 years old, have a clean international drivers license and have an international credit card. Also, for those who plan on travelling into Palestinian Authority territories such as to Bethlehem your car will not be insured. Similarly, you will not be allowed to enter into Jordan and Egypt.


When picking up your car, be conscious of the fact that cars will only be held by the leasing company for two hours and no longer from the designated time. You are strongly advised to be in touch with the leasing company if you are running late. If you are picking your car up from the airport, make sure to give the leasing company your flight number in the event of a delay. Also, make sure you know when the leasing company is open, as you can’t assume it will be 24 hour. Bring your credit card and a passport for identification. Check your car for defects and the gas the car takes before renting it .

Some rental companies collect or deliver cars for an additional expense. It may be worthwhile having your car delivered to save time and aggravation. If you are involved in an accident make sure to take a photo of the car and get all the details of the other drivers involved, as well as witnesses. You should report the details of the accident as soon as possible to the car hire company. Make sure you know the conditions of your rental agreement to know what your rights are and if the rental company will charge for damages. Be sure to pay any traffic fines and parking tickets straight away to avoid interest being added.

Two things for when you return the car: 1) Make sure to get the written approval and signature of the car rental company that the car is in order and in the condition it was in before you rented it, and 2) Fill the tank with gas.

Car hire company details 

Hertz – Atarim Station, 144 Hayakron St.

Eldan – 114 Hayarkon St.

Budget – 99 Hayakron St.

Avis – 113 Hayarkon St.

Sixt – 122 Hayakron St.

Thriftly – 80 Hayakron St.

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