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There’s nothing like the sea to bring a smile on your face and Tel Aviv’s promenade (or the “Tayelet” in Hebrew) has the perfect setting for this occasion. It stretches over 14 km from Jaffa in the south to the “hatzok” beach in the north.

After an extensive renovation work done by Tel Aviv municipality, the new promenade offers an abundance of restaurants and caffes, bike lanes and open parks for you to enjoy. The other good thing about this promenade is that it’s flat and very accessible for wheelchairs or disabled in general.

There’s always something happening in here- whether it’s 5 am and the sun rises over the horizon, energetic joggers on the run, and lonesome fishermen waiting to catch something in their rods, later in the day with families strolling along and young skaters filling up the sidewalks, or at night time with street performances all around, crowded bars and the beautiful shining lights of old Jaffa in the background.

Click here to view the GoogleMap and address of the Tayelet

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Photos courtesy: the Israel Ministry of Tourism

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