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5 Hottest Entertainment Areas in Tel Aviv



There are many places to go in Tel Aviv – each one has its own character and it’s always hard to pick the “top 5,” or the “best” ones. That’s why we chose the term “the hottest,” because hotness is determined according to fashion statements that are ever-changing. This way the list will have to be regularly revised and updated so that no place will be left unattended. So, let’s begin:

Tel Aviv Port:  Families by day; Clubbers by night

The newly renovated Tel Aviv Port is a great getaway from the hectic Tel Aviv vibe. Its long wooden deck is built in a wavelike shape that merges perfectly well with the view of the sea.

There is an abundance of restaurants, cafes and fashionable nightclubs, and there’s even a farmers’ market with more than 50 food producers from all over the country. 

Address: Tel Aviv Port

Phone: 03-544-1505



Florentin: For the young and reckless

This bohemian hipster quarter in the southern part of the city is named after David Florentin, a Greek Jew who bought the land from Arabs in the 1920s. Over the years, the Florentin neighbourhood has struggled with poverty and neglect but recently it’s going through a cultural revival and its local pubs and coffee shops attract many youngsters and nightlife lovers.

It’s also home to the Levinsky Market – full of traditional Turkish and Greek products, spices, dried fruits and other traditional delicacies that can be found only there. For graffiti and urban art lovers – this is the perfect place to hang around and admire the scenery.

Address: Florentin St –  Google Map


The Hatachana compound and Neve Tzedek: The perfect romantic evening

The old station of the Jaffa-Jerusalem train line has been renovated and now functions as a hangout place with restaurants, shops and pubs all designed in such a way that complements the historic old station’s buildings. This compound is situated just outside of the picturesque Neve Tzedek neighbourhood – the first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside of Jaffa in 1887.

The nostalgia comes to life, as you stroll along the beautiful allies, or just sit at a local café and admire the impressive architecture and the lovely combo of old versus new.

Address: Between the Tel Aviv Beach and Neve Tzedek

Hatachana Website


The Sarona complex: Updated and fashionable

The Sarona complex is a former German Templer colony that was built in 1871 northeast of Jaffa (in the area of the Kirya and Azrieli Center today) and has become one of the early modern agricultural settlements in 19th century Palestine. The Templers were expelled in 1942 by the British, and since the independence of the state of Israel, the complex has been used mainly as a home to government offices.

As part of the renovation process, 33 old buildings were restored and converted into a center of art, culture and leisure, and in the summer of 2014, the Sarona Market-  the biggest enclosed market in Israel – will be opened.

Address: Sarona Gardens, 17 Arania St

Phone: 1-800-800-881

Sarona Complex Website


Old Jaffa: The classic choice that could never go wrong

Old Jaffa is a must. It is one of the oldest port cities in the Middle East and stands in complete contrast to the urban spirit of Tel Aviv.

Furthermore, the diversity is a perfect blend of cultures, religions and attractions, with the bustling flea market, the charming old Jaffa Port, St. Peter’s church, Mahamoudia Mosque and the hip and trendy night scene. There isn’t a “right time” to visit Jaffa – any hour of the day is just fine. 

Contact form for more information: 

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