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Everything goes in a Mayumana performance — live music, dancing, performers of all backgrounds, everyday objects turned into percussion instruments and above all, boundless energy.

Mayumana is a multi-cultural Israeli performance group that was formed in 1996 by Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman and has developed a unique performance style based on movement, sound, rhythm, creativity and a lot of humor. More than 100 members from 20 different nationalities are a part of this company, which currently has 3 different performance troupes operating all over the world, and statistically it means that almost every day you can find a Mayumana show somewhere out there.

This performance company came from humble beginnings as a small group of young gifted performers who gave up their day-jobs to meet every day in a dirty old warehouse for two years in order to develop Mayumana. The work certainly paid off, and now they even have their own theater, “The Mayumana House” in Jaffa, where the hold performances, rehearsals and workshops.

Mayumana’s latest shows include: “Game On” —  a unique project with the collaboration of the Israeli Ballet inspired by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky’s creation “The Rite of Spring” —  and “Momentum,” which combines innovative percussion instruments with high-tech video art, original music and highly coordinated movement sessions. Over 7 million people have witnessed Mayunama’s creative performances.

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