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Luxury Guided Tours of Israel by Herzl Ein-Eli

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  • Meeting Place Ben Gurion Airport, Israel
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  • +972 (0) 72-328-1997
  • Approx. Duration: Varies by tour
  • Departures on: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Herzl Ein-Eli specializes in custom tours of Israel that meet the needs and wants of his clients. As such tours are by bookings only, and prices vary depending on the length of the tour and the number of participants. The following figures are estimated prices per day based on the type of vehicle used in a basic tour package comprised of pick-up from the location of your choice, driving, guiding and constructing the tour itinerary:

  • Sedan (1-3 people): $550
  • Luxury SUV (4-6 people): $600
  • Crafter (7-9 people): $680
  • Van (10-11 people): $720
  • Minibus (12- 15 people): $850
  • Minibus (16-19 people): $920


Herzl Ein-Eli is a private tour guide who specializes in taking visitors to Israel on custom, tailored tours that not only take them to the places they want to and should visit, but also offer them a truly enriching experience and help them establish a personal connection with the land of Israel. 

Israel is full of qualified tour guides, but Herzl manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to his personal approach to guiding his clients and structuring their tours. He spares no effort in making sure they get exactly what they want and need from their first contact with him until the end of the tour, and supplements sites and facts with his own charm, humor and stories that inject life into both the tour and the history of Israel.

Herzl’s “Living Bible Holy Land Tour” takes visitors on a whirlwind trip in 8 days through the history of the land of Israel and the many people and cultures who have inhabited it, with an emphasis on important biblical sites, such as the many holy sites in Jerusalem, locations in the Galilee where Jesus performed miracles in the New Testament and much more.

That said, this tour is only a taste of what Herzl offers his clients, as his specialty is creating tailored tours that meet the personal wants and needs of each individual client and group, whatever they may be.

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