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Alternative Tel Aviv Street Art Tours

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Alternative Tel Aviv is a local tour operator that specializes in graffiti and street art tours through the various neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. It also offers tours of cutting edge contemporary art exhibitions and galleries in shared urban spaces, as well as a street art tour of Haifa.

Alternative Tel Aviv Tours

Graffiti and street art in Florentin and Neve Tzedek

Explore two of Tel Aviv’s most vibrant and very different artistic neighborhoods while learning about the social evolution of street art and graffiti in Tel Aviv.

You’ll also dig into the difference between street art and graffiti, the effects of normalization of the two forms with exhibitions such as the one in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and get acquainted with the latest trends and artists on the scene and much more.

Tel Aviv graffiti and street art tour at the workshop district

Home to some of the most elaborate graffiti and street art in the city and numerous studios and workshops, Kiryat Hamelacha is one of Tel Aviv’s most vibrant centers for creativity.

This tour will expose you to works by many well-known street artists as well as up-and-comers on the scene, and you’ll get to know the different types of art spaces and explore the connection between art and street.

Graffiti and street art in Montefiore 

Between garages, offices and local worker restaurants of Tel Aviv’s central business district, you can also find one of the city’s most captivating artistic environments. The Montefiore neighborhood is home to master-pieces by the well-known Israeli urban artists such as DedeKnow HopeKlone and Zero Cents, along with promising new-comers like Untay and all kinds of anonymous graffiti and political stencils. 

Tel Aviv gallery tour

This “indoor” tour of Tel Aviv’s art scene takes you all over the city to decipher the DNA of the Israeli art scene and compare the older galleries in the North to the newer galleries in the South. You’ll get an up-close look at how a cooperative gallery operates, who the leading artists are, where the most interesting exhibitions take place and why there isn’t always a price next to the artwork and why it is okay to ask.

Graffiti and street art in Haifa

Venture outside “the bubble” to Tel Aviv’s northern big-city counterpart. Home to the internationally renowned Broken Fingaz Crew, Haifa is home to numerous important street artists and street writers. The tour will introduce you to the roots of the street art movement, some of the most important pieces in the city, Hebrew and Arabic graffiti and local centers for fine urban art, fashion and design.

Custom private or group tours 

Alternative Tel Aviv can design unique tours geared toward a certain audience or interest, whether it’s a family, student group, corporate outing or tour group.

Photos: Pavlina Schultz


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