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A Visitor’s Guide to Tel Aviv and Jaffa



With so much to see and do in the city, it is no surprise that Tel Aviv is the biggest tourist destination in Israel and one of the most popular in the Middle East. That said, with so many options, visiting Tel Aviv can be a little overwhelming, so here is an all around TLV guide, along with some helpful resources, of some of the top things to experience in Tel Aviv.


Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene is renowned worldwide for its nonstop nature and bevy of options. Whether you’re looking for clubs, bars and pubs, classy lounges or late night dining, Tel Aviv has something for you.

Nightlife guides and resources

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With over 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) of coastline to its name, the beach is probably Tel Aviv’s number one daytime attraction in the city. There is a beach for every need, whether you’re looking for water sports, lounging in the sun or having a beach-side drink or bite to eat, you can be sure it’s there.

Beach guides and resources

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Tel Aviv isn’t all about partying and lounging on the beach. It is also Israel’s cultural capital, with more museums and cultural institutions than any other city in the country that offer a constant stream of exhibitions, concerts, theater shows and much more.

Tel Aviv Attractions guides and resources

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Old Jaffa

 The Jaffa area of Tel Aviv has become hotspot for travelers thanks to its authentic atmosphere, vibrant nightlife, delicious fish and seafood restauraunts and historical significance. 

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Getting around Tel Aviv and Israel

In addition to all the nightlife, beaches, museums and other attractions, Tel Aviv is also the perfect location to use as a base to visit the rest of the country. It is only 20 minutes from Ben Gurion International airport, 45 minutes by car from Jerusalem and a short drive from picturesque coastal cities like Herzliya and Netanya, and it is the main hub for Israel’s rail service, which runs all the way north up the coast and to southern cities like Ashdod, Ashkelon and Beersheba.

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