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Tel Aviv is incomparable in the cultural facilities and opportunities it offers. There are shows and events going on throughout the year, in all the seasons. There are a wide selection of places to go, people to see, and things to experience and learn. Tel Aviv is a fascinating city that blends and brings together the ancient and the modern, the old and the young, the past and the future and the religious and secular.

Not only the type of event and attractions, but the demographics of who they cater for also varies widely. For the singles, the family, younger people or the gay community you will find what you are looking for in Tel Aviv.

Night life and entertainment

Tel Aviv is also the place to be for Night Life entertainment- bars, clubs and parties. You won’t be disappointed with the variety of options to relax and enjoy yourselves at. Many go on through the night and early morning so be prepared.

Operas and theaters

If you are looking for a more cultural time, you will also be able to find what you are looking for in Tel Aviv, with the vast array of operas and theater houses. The Tel Aviv Opera is a must, but make sure to book early in the holiday and peak season.

Click here for the Tel Aviv Opera Website
Address: 19 Shaul Hamelech Street, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-692-7777

Dance and ballet

If you are more into dance and ballet, you may wish to check out the Maholohet, Israel’s contemporary dance festival continues in August. If you love dance, catch some of the latest works of Israel’s best dance companies. The Russian Ballet is also very popular amongst dance enthusiasts. Also taking place in August is the Oud Festival in Tel Aviv’s Tzafta. The Oud is a musical instrument of the Middle East and Balkans. Its a great way to learn about traditional music of the region. As well as the music performances, you can enjoy ethnic food, books and more.

Cinema and film

Tel Aviv is also a center in Israel for cinema and film. If you are here in the summer, make sure to check out the Cinematheque, in Rechov Ha’Arbaah. There is a film festival taking place there at the end of August. Well worth going and soaking up the creative and artistic atmosphere.

Click here Cinematheque Website 
Address: 2 Shprinzak Street, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-515-7929 / 03-606-0819


If you are looking to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, you also will not be short of things to do in Tel Aviv, particularly if you like cycling. The various runs and marathons and the ‘Sovev Tel Aviv’ bike ride are just to name a few of the sporting activities that go on there. The famous Tel Aviv 10K in November is a real experience for runners from around the center of Israel and beyond.

Gay Friendly

It’s known that Tel Aviv has many gay friendly events. The highlight of the year is the gay pride week usually the second week of June, the center point of which is the gay pride parade on the Friday which attracts between 100,000-200,000 members of the gay community from around the world making it the biggest gay parade in Asia. During that week there are over 50 gay events. Tel Aviv has rightfully earned her gay friendly title.

In 2012, and American Airlines gave Tel Aviv the title of the world’s best city for gay tourism, and the Hilton beach ranked the world’s top 10 gay beaches.

There are also many gay friendly bars, clubs and hotels in Tel Aviv.

Here are some useful websites for the gay community in Tel Aviv:

Gay Tel Aviv Guide

Tel Aviv Gay Vibe

Gay Travel in Tel Aviv – Gay Way TLV 

Old Jaffa and Neve Tzedek

There are shows and events going on in neighboring communities to Tel Aviv. Jaffa and Neve Tzedek are both bursting with events and shows, reflecting their history goes back to the beginnings of Tel Aviv and even beforehand.

It’s well worth experiencing the mystical and quaint Old Jaffa Nights. They usually take place during 3-4 consecutive Saturday nights in the month of August and are free of charge. The streets of Jaffa are full of life and entertainment. You will see street performers presenting music, dance, drama, children’s activities and plastic arts. The Jaffa Port is also full of fascinating history and worth visiting and learning about.

Whilst you are in Tel Aviv, it’s also worth visiting the quaint Neve Tzedek. There you should visit the Dellal Center for Dance and Theater. The Michelle Bar is also a popular place for live acts and entertainment.


Whether you are in Tel Aviv in the summer or winter, you should spend time relaxing on the beach. There are a wide selection of activities and events throughout the year that you can entertain yourselves with. The beaches, parties and bars along the coast are very popular places to hang out, both during the day and night.

Photo: Itay Benit

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