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5 Most Popular Drinks in Tel Aviv Bars



You’ll find alcohol and cocktails all over Israel, but the country doesn’t have a national drink the way Germany has beer, France has wine or Ireland has whiskey. That said, here are some popular drinks on the Tel Aviv bar scene that will satiate your thirst, while also helping you stay in the Israeli Mediterranean spirit.


The anise-based Arak is probably the most popular liquor among Israelis, and this drink made from Arak, lemonade and mint is one of its tastiest iterations. True lovers of Arak, however, prefer to have liquor on its own with a splash of water and a couple of ice cubes.


The unofficial national beer of Israel, Goldstar is on the shelves in every store and on tap at almost every bar or restaurant. It’s a light and refreshing red lager that works for any occasion.

Campari with Orange Juice

The Italian Campari is one of the drinks of the moment on the bar scene in Tel Aviv. Israelis like to mix it with orange or even grapefruit juice. The similar Aperol is also becoming popular, thanks to the pairing of an Aperol Spritz (sparkling wine, Aperol and soda water garnished with orange slices) with Tel Aviv’s prevalent summer-like weather.

Tubi 60

Somewhat similar to a Limoncello, the Tubi 60 originated in the northern city of Haifa, but has taken Tel Aviv by storm. The concoction is made of lemons, ginger and other herbs mixed with pure grain alcohol. Together, they deliver an exquisite experience, which many say does not leave you with a hangover the next morning.

Arak with Khat Leaves

The stimulating Khat leaves are popular at Yemenite social gatherings, where people chew them for the burst of energy they provide, but they have become an increasingly popular drink ingredient as well. They also mix well with extra cold Arak, delivering a refreshing, sweet and sour flavor. If you don’t like Arak, you can also find Khat juice for sale in some places. Keep in mind that Khat contains the chemical stimulant cathonine, and while it is natural and legal, can still have health drawbacks over time.


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