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10 Streets to Discover in Tel Aviv


Every city has its signature sites –- it could be a major boulevard, a famous museum or maybe even a world class restaurant.

In Tel Aviv, it’s sunny beaches, Old Jaffa, Rothschild Boulevard, Neve Tzedek and the city’s vibrant and colorful markets, but there’s more to the city than just its signature. What about those places that my not be in your guide book, but provide a unique perspective and uncover another layer of the city?

The Streets of Tel Aviv

Bograshov Street

Bograshov is a busy street that stretches from the corner of King George Street and Ben Zion Boulevard in the center of Tel Aviv to the Bograshov beach in the west. It was built in 1922-1923 and named after Haim Bograshov, a Zionist activist and one of the main founders of “Gymnasia-Herzliya”. It is home for some of the trendiest shops around and if you’re looking for a nice t-shirt, cool sneakers or even surf clothing this is the place you should go to.

Apart from shopping, this street offers great cafes for you to hang out before or after a visit to the beach, and some great restaurants such as Thai House and Moon Sushi.

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Basel Street

Basel street is where Tel Aviv high society comes to drink its coffee. It connects Dizengoff and Ibn Gabirol streets but has nothing to do with their chaotic atmosphere. When talking about Basel, most people refer to the part between Sokolov street in the west and Yehoshua Bin Nun in the east which is called “The Basel Compound”.

It has an abundance of little designer shops, book stores and lovely cafes, and it is the perfect place to hang around, shop and see beautiful people.

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Simta Almonit and Simta Plonit

Two whimsical, curious and lovely little alleys (Simta is the Hebrew equivalent for alley) just off King George Street that go by the funny names of Almonit (Anonymous) and Plonit (unidentified or nameless). It all started with a dispute over their names between Meir Dizengoff (the first mayor of Tel Aviv) and Meir Getzel Shapiro (a wealthy businessman and their founder) who wanted to name them after himself and his wife. Dizengoff refused and decided to temporarily name them Almonit and Plonit.

What was meant to be temporary, remained to this day, and apart from this great anecdote, you can also find there little coffee-shops and high quality vintage clothes.

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Najara Street

Najara is the gateway to Kerem Hateimanim neighborhood. You take a left turn from Allenby Street (if you’re facing the sea) and get inside the “backstage” of the Carmel Market -- great little eateries, local bars and beautiful architecture that blends with the scenery.

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Nakhmani Street

This is one of the most beautiful streets of Tel Aviv, situated right in the heart of the city, and at the same time exudes a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. At the center of the street you’ll find the King Albert Square (named after Albert the First, king of the Belgians, who was a close friend of Meir Dizengoff and was killed in a mountaineering accident) and the Pagoda House, a beautiful building that combines modern and oriental influences.

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Herzl Street

The ultimate mix of old meets new. Named after Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl the “visionary of the state of Israel”, Herzl Street is the main street of “Ahuzat Bayit” the group that formed the foundation to the first Hebrew city in Israel. You can find furniture stores along old and quirky shops and stylish boutiques.

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Northern Dizengoff Street

Dizengoff is mainly known for Dizengoff Center- the big shopping mall and its surrounding stores and businesses. But there’s another part to this street- which is not as known to tourists as its southern part. Great designer stores are located in its northern section together with the most fashionable and updated trends around.

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Barzilai Street

Barzilai is probably the coolest street you’ve never heard of. Located at the southern rugged part of town, this street and the ones that surround it form the “Gan HaHashmal” compound and incorporate graffiti, street art, trendy boutiques and cafes into a hip neighborhood.

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Sgula Street

This street comes straight off Sgula Square or in its more popular name- The Noga Compound, in Jaffa and boasts with little designer studios and great little shops. In the middle of the square you’ll find “Gesher Theater”- one of Israel’s most prominent repertory theaters.

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Tchernikhovski Street

Just 10 minute walk from the beach, the southern part of this street (the one that’s closer to Allenby) is full of vintage and designer clothes, little cafes and cute bistros. It’s also right next to “Gan Meir” (Meir Garden) and Bezalel Market.

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