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Ad Lo Yada Parade 2016

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  • Holon, Israel
  • Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area
  • March 24, 2022
  • Free parking is available

If you are in Tel Aviv for Purim and feel like joining in the fun, the Ad-lo-yada parade is a must. It is an entertaining procession held every year during Purim – (a very jolly Jewish holiday). The parade is full of children and also grown ups,  wearing customs together with huge colorful floats, banners and festive displays.

It first started in 1912 and quickly became a popular tradition. The phrase “ad-lo-yada” comes from an old saying (in Aramaic) written in the Megillah (the scroll containing the Purim story) which means “until one no longer knows”- meaning; in Purim you must drink wine, have a good time and lose your senses. The biggest and most cheerful Ad-lo-yada is held annually in the city of Holon ( a 10 minute drive from Tel- Aviv) that also holds the title- “the city of children”.

Each year a new theme is chosen and the main streets dress up accordingly.

It’s worth spending time at the Ad-lo-yada parade to get an authentic taste of the life, culture and the people of Tel Aviv. 

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