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The Clock Tower

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  • 1 Yefet St, Jaffa


The Jaffa Clock Tower was built in honor of the Sultan Abdul Hamid II, to celebrate the 25th year of his reign. The initiative for building the tower came from Jaffa’s Jewish community. The Clock Tower concept was created by master watchmaker Moritz Sheinbergs and was underwritten by all of the city’s residents.

The cornerstone was laid on September 1, 1900. That morning, both Arabs and Jews held simultaneous prayer gatherings, and in the evening everyone celebrated as the Rishon Le Zion band performed. 

The Tower sits at the main entrance of Jaffa, on the crossroads between the new government buildings, the police station, the jail and Muhamdia mosque.

The Tower was completed in 1903, two clocks were installed on the second floor. The Sultan’s signature was engraved on all four sides of the tower. In 1965 the clock tower was renovated by the Tel Aviv municipality. New clocks were installed,along with decorative bars and stained glass windows which illustrate the history of the city. In 2001 the tower was renovated a second time under the auspices of the Department of Tourism of Tel Aviv/Jaffa.


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