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Sometimes it seems that the world is constantly moving forward and people are obsessed with the new, but that’s not necessarily the story if you take a through Jaffa’s flea market, where nostalgia reigns supreme.

This market is the biggest and most popular in Israel, and for a good reason. It’s been active since the 19th century when Jaffa  was under the Ottoman Empire’s rule, and acted as a main harbor city and both a political and a commercial center.  

However, even the Flea Market has evolved over the years to make room for some modernity. Over past few years Tel Aviv municipality has put a lot of efforts in order to restore the city’s splendor and with it the old magic of its flea market. As a result, new designer stores have moved onto the premises, along with stylish bars and restaurants that have transformed the atmosphere into a celebration of retro, modern, vintage and a lot of chic.

On any given visit to the market you can experience two different sides of the city — little shops that offer old and eccentric artifacts alongside high-class designer stores and chic cafes to rest your tired feet.

You can also split your day in Jaffa into 2 parts, first perusing the shops and taking in colorful pictures of the old city and afterwards heading out to experience the vibrant nightlife with a twist only Old Jaffa can offer.

Photo courtesy of the Israel Ministry of Tourism/Dana Friedlander

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