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Masada: The last stand

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  • Meeting Place Masada, Dead Sea Region, Israel
  • Website
  • +972-73-758-1481
  • Group Trip
  • Hotel pickups from Netanya (6:30 am), Herzliya (7:00 am), Tel Aviv (7:20 am) and Jerusalem (8:30 am)
  • 99 p/p
  • Approx. Duration: Full day
  • Departures on: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

In the year 73 A.D.  last Jewish revolt against the Roman empire came to a dramatic and bitter end as the 10th Roman legion commanded by Flavius Silva laid siege to Masada, the last Zealot stronghold. Weeks later, Silva and his legion broke through the fortress’ impressive fortifications, only to find that almost all of its former inhabitants had taken their own lives, save but one woman and a few children who remained to tell the story.

Over the years, Masada has become a symbol of resistance and bravery that has shaped values of modern Israel and captured the imaginations of millions of visitors.


After an early morning pick-up from your hotel, you’ll head to the Mount of Olives for a quick stop to take in the fantastic view of the Old City and the Temple Mount before embarking on your journey southeast to Masada. Along the way, the tour will make stops for a view over the magnificent St. George Monastery hanging over Wadi Qelt in the Judean Desert and near Qumran to learn a bit about the discovery of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

Finally, you’ll arrive at the ancient fortress of Masada and ascend the mountain by cable car. Once atop the plateau, your tour guide will take you around the grounds to see sites such as Herod’s palace, ritual baths and synagogue.

After Masada, the tour ends with a stop at the Dead Sea, where you are free to take a dip and float in its salty waters. 


Time: Hotel pickups from  Netanya (6:30 am), Herzliya (7:00 am), Tel Aviv (7:20 am) and Jerusalem (8:30 am)
Price: $129
What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes, a hat and a bottle of water, proper clothing (covering knees and shoulders) for places of worship, swimsuit and towel for Dead Sea
Contact: +972-73-758-1481 or [email protected]


Tour operator “Irzahav” was founded in Jerusalem in 2010. Irzahav means “City of Gold” and it is one of Jerusalem’s 70 names. Irzahav specializes in boutique and tailored tours in and around Jerusalem.

Evia Ronen, is a tour guide certified by the Ministry of Tourism. He was born and raised in Jerusalem and continues to happily call this special city his home. Full of curiosity since childhood, he has explored the streets and alleyways of Jerusalem inside and out. His love for the unique scenes, the exciting human mosaic and the city’s mystique comes across in his tours. His passion is to share his enthusiasm for Jerusalem with guests to the city.

The comprehensive yet entertaining tours are great for tourists to Jerusalem who want to learn about the city in a unique way from a local who is in love with the city. 

Evia looks forward to hosting you in his beloved city, Jerusalem!

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