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Tipsy Bar

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  • 23 Henger St, Tel Aviv
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  • 054-544-8444
  • Tel Aviv City Center
  • Sun-Sat from 9:30 pm until last customer

The Tipsy Bar is a really well known and fashionable bar which is very popular and liked amongst the young people of Tel Aviv. You are assured a great night out at the Tipsy Bar.

It is located along the coastline and as a result has breathtaking views, where you can relax and calm down after a long day or week. 

The bar has two different areas.

Firstly, the ‘Sifon’ area which has a well stocked bar with a large variety of beverages and drinks, comfortable seating areas spread out, with a straw type sun shaded area that will protect you whilst the sun is still shinning.

The second area known as the, ‘Hircatyin’ area, is essentially a club. With a sophisticated and powerful sound system, great music, a modern and attractive design, a large and comfy seating area, a pleasant and hip atmosphere, generous service and of course a beautiful, scenic view of the sea.

Which ever area you sit in, you are assured an enjoyable and fun time.



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