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Radio E.P.G.B

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  • 7 Shadal street, Tel Aviv
  • 072-3281947
  • Tel Aviv City Center

Just off of Rothschild Blvd runs a tiny little street named Shadal- there, in an easy-to-miss alley, down a dingy and dark staircase, completely underground is the uber-sexy and one of the coolest bars in Tel Aviv- the “Radio E.P.G.B”.

Packed with artsy people and music lovers, this place is Tel Aviv’s answer to the famous 1970’s New-York club- Radio CBGB. The bar is classically designed with soft lighting and high stools, the walls are covered with posters of historically music newspapers and in the bathrooms you’ll find big graffiti artworks; definitely a unique and groovy atmosphere.

The main object here is without a doubt the music with a range of hiphop, underground, rock and punk beats and a list of world renowned DJ’s that welcome the place with their frequently attendance and edgy indie bands that perform live.

With an ever-changing and up to beat line-up, and the “right” crowd to mingle with, the “Radio E.P.G.B” is a serious hardcore badass club.


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