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  • Ibn Gabirol 23, Tel Aviv
  • 072-3281876
  • Tel Aviv City Center
  • sun-fri: 12:00-2:00 sat:18:00-2:00

There’s something about chef Eyal Shani that has made him no less than a phenomenon in the Israeli culinary culture. He talks of food as if it was modern poetry and you can either love him or hate him for that. His most recent and talked about project is no doubt the “Hamiznon” — a place that serves one of Israel’s most typical street foods- the pita.

Now, you can ask “what’s so special about that?” and our answer will be- first of all the pita itself is just so soft, warm and fluffy, secondly and perhaps most importantly- it’s what’s inside the pita; steak and eggs, poached shrimps with sour cream, chraime (Moroccan version of spicy fish) and all sorts of heavenly variations tucked into this piece of bread- it’s so simple yet sooo tasty! The atmosphere is loud and crowded, the table arrangement is somewhat chaotic but the food is a must-try.


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