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Rock N’ Black

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  • Eretz Israel Museum, 2 Haim Levanon St, Tel Aviv
  • North Tel Aviv
  • January 1, 2015
  • 32-48 NIS

Get a window into a unique side of Israeli club culture in the 1980s at the Eretz Israel Museum’s ”Rock N’ Black” exhibit, which features a collection of dozens of photographs by Israeli photographer Miri Davidovich documenting the era.

By the time the 1980’s rolled around, Israeli club culture was changing to mirror those in places like London, Berlin and New York, with new fashions, music and attitudes that would eventually change the very nature of Tel Aviv nightlife. 

Inspired by her time in London, Davidovich roamed around some of the iconic clubs of the time, such as the Penguin and Cinema Dan, using photography to capture some the body language, clothing, accessories, make-up and other elements of the lifestyle that reflected the Zeitgeist of Israel’s New Wave club scene. 

Photos by Miri Davidovich provided by Eretz Israel Museum.

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