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If you want to enjoy a true international culinary fair and give your palate a real treat, then the Dizengoff Center Food Festival is worth trying out.

You will be able to taste a whole range of Middle and Far Eastern dishes and specialties.

If you love to eat and are unsure which is the most appropriate food for you, we have found a way to help you decide what food is suitable for you.

If you need our help and guidance, come and visit the Dizengoff Food Center on Thursday’s and Friday’s.

The Dizengoff Shopping Center, at the heart of the Tel Aviv City Center each Thursday and Friday holds a exquisite food fair tasting fair which will allow you to experience tastes from all over the Middle and Far East and wider.

Each week, thousands of people flock to the Dizengoff Center to try out these new tastes and enjoy the atmosphere and culinary choice. So, are you interested to find out which food you can taste at this food fair?

Here is a selection of what you should expect to find when you come:

The Italian Kitchen: You will find a broad range of food includes pastot, ravioli, gnocci, penne, spaghetti with a variety of sauces, lasagna, pies, ‘anti pasta’ – roasted vegetables and more.

The Jewish Kitchen: In the Jewish Kitchen you will find food including chicken curry, chicken ‘Tika Mazla’, ‘Samsabba’, cooked vegetables in coconut milk and ginger.

The Persian Kitchen: The choicest food are served in the Persian Kitchen, including ‘Shachzared’, meat, burgers, meat balls, fish, filled dishes etc

The Asian Kitchen: You’ll find a tasty selection of styles of cooked eggs, stir fries, noodles and ‘Dam Yam’

The Druz Kitchen: You’ll be able to enjoy tastes from the Galil and the Carmel in the middle of Tel Aviv! The Druz kitchen serves Druz Pita filled with ‘Labane’-sour white cheese with chumus, techina, tabuleh, zatar (green spice), olive oil and pepper sauce filling.

The Iraqi-Buchri-Tunisian Kitchen: Here you can taste cuisine from leading chefs in Israel. They serve rich ‘Tabit’, wide range of ‘Kubot’ (mince pies) of different styles, variety of rice with a wide range of sauces, different types of meat and meat balls with fillings, variety of rice dishes, soups etc

The Moroccan Kitchen: Contains different types of meat and vegetarian fillings, handmade ‘kuskus’, ‘chamin’ or ‘cholent’ (meat stew), meatballs, cooked vegetables, meat pastries, meat cigars and a whole range of delicious homemade dishes.

At the fair you will be served chunks of meat and chicken together with potatoes or fresh bread.

You will be able to enjoy homemade tortias and pies with a range of tastes, handmade ‘Amundus’ (finger foods), ‘Lapchura’, ‘Maloach’ - a dish with hard boiled eggs and tomatoes, ‘Gichon’ (Yeminite dough dish), rich variety of olives and pickles, sausages and rolls, potato pies, chamin – meat stew and fresh baked corn bread.

You will also be able to enjoy a wide range of desserts: Pancakes, doughnuts, ‘Balkava’ ( a yummy Arab dessert), cakes, Japanese pancakes, fruit and much much more.

The best thing is that all the serving can be purchased in smaller portions so you can get to taste a wide range of dishes in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Click here for the Dizengoff Center Food Market Website
Entrance: Through the 1st floor and entrance floor. Enter by ‘Knissa Bet’, by the Binyan Mishaarim 2,4, and 6.
Opening Hours: Thurs: 12:00 – 8:00 pm and Fri: 10:00 – 4:00 pm.
Phone: 03-621-2400

Photos courtesy of Dizengoff Center

Photo: Joey Cohen

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