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Caesarea, Haifa, Acre & Rosh Hanikra – 1 Day Tour

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  • Approx. Duration: 1 day

About the tour

Explore the highlights of Israel’s Mediterranean coast on a tour that takes you from the Roman ruins of Caesarea all the way to the grottos of Rosh Hanikra.


Caesarea, Haifa, Bahai Gardens, Rosh Hanikra, grottoes, Acre, Crusader city, Al-Jazzar Mosque, old port


We leave Tel-Aviv and travel up the coast along the Mediterranean, on the way we pass by Herzilya and Natanya before reaching our first point of interest Caesarea.

The city of Caesarea was constructed under Herod and named after the Roman Emperor, Caesar. From what remains of the ancient city we can see that it was a prosperous and luxurious city. Among the archaeological excavations we can see gateways, a moat and well preserved walls and rooms. There is a perfectly preserved Roman amphitheater which is still used today for performances by Israeli and international artists. The Roman remains were preserved for centuries by the sea sand which covered and protected the stones. Next to the amphitheatre is part of what was once a hippodrome. We can see the remains of a Roman Temple which stood above the port overlooking the busy commercial ships which carried treasures from the east and the Nabatean caravans which were on route to Rome. Following the Romans the city stood neglected for centuries until the Crusaders arrived but in the years after the Crusaders the city once again sank into oblivion.

We continue driving north passing through Haifa where we stop to see the breathtaking Baha’i Shrine and gardens. The terraced gardens cascade down the mountain towards the city below, each of the 19 terraces bursts with colorful flowers and meticulous landscaped designs.

Our next stop is at Rosh HaNikra, the most northerly point along Israel’s Mediterranean coast. We descend by cable car into the network of limestone grottoes created by the constant bombardment of waves against the rocks.

On our return journey south we stop at Acre (Acco), the largest Crusader city in the country. The city is extremely well preserved and you can’t help being impressed by the incredible architecture and how it has survived. Part of the city is alive with markets and people still living in the ancient buildings. We see the walls and moat which was reconstructed and repaired by El Jazzar at the end of the 1900s. The mighty walls prevented even Napoleon conquering the city. We can see the Crusader remains, the prison used under Turkish rule and the gallows which were later used under the British Mandate to hang Jews who broke the British law limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine following World War II.

Additional tour information

What to bring and what to wear

Water, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, hat

Departure times

Jerusalem: 5:50 am
Tel Aviv: 7:15 am
Herzliya: 7:00 am
Netanya: 7:45 am

Special notes

Pick up from Jerusalem hotels is at 5:50 am for a transfer to Tel Aviv to join the tour.

Change of vehicle required for transfers of pick up/drop off destinations to save time and avoid traffic and delays.

Airport drop off is available for additional $60 per person.

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