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Tel Aviv Rollers

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  • Habima Dizengoff, Tel Aviv-Yafo
  • All Tel Aviv
  • December 30, 2014
  • 10:00 pm

It’s Tuesday night, you’re strolling along the streets of Tel Aviv and suddenly you see an endless procession of rollerbladers crossing you by– for a moment you’re not so sure whether you’re dreaming or perhaps things have gone mad here in Tel Aviv and cars have lost their battle against these enthusiasts on wheels.

So, no, cars are still a major force in the Tel Aviv way of transporting, but every Tuesday from 22:00 the balance of power changes and the TAR (Tel Aviv Rollers) group takes over the main streets of the city. They meet at 21:30 at Habima Square, where a short briefing and some more preparations are being made and when the clock strikes ten they set off on a journey around town.

It all started with a small group of friends who just wanted to have a thrilling nighttime ride with a few stops for drinks, and it quickly turned into an ongoing ritual that took local skaters by storm and brought hundreds of them riding the streets. The route changes every week and is updated on their Facebook page (TAR – Tel Aviv Rollers), but an average journey is about 20-30 km long and takes about an hour and a half to two hours to finish. If you want to take a look at past routes, you can login to this address

The rules are simple but firmly kept- all skaters must wear hand protectors, headphones are strictly forbidden, keep to the right and don’t risk other skaters. There is a formal stop at the middle of the course for approximately 20 minutes- where skaters usually stop at a local bar, have a drink, a quick snack and fuel themselves for the rest of the journey. Some sessions end up in a dance bar or a disco that host the rolling team, and whoever stays at the end is more than invited to join the party.

Bicycles are also welcomed as long as they keep behind the skaters.

So if you’re looking for another way of getting to know the city vibe, or just want to feel a part of something special and exhilarating- put on your wheels and get ready for a different ride!

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