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Yitzhak Rabin Center

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  • 8 Chaim Levanon, Ramat Aviv
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The Yitzhak Rabin Center was founded by the Knesset in 1997, two years after Rabin’s brutal assassination at the end of the famous peace rally. Its main goal was to raise awareness and instill the crucial values of a democratic country.

In 2010, the Israeli museum was inaugurated, a one of a kind institute that explores Israel’s evolution over the years along with the life story of the late prime minister. Together, these two stories are intertwined through a series of pivotal moments that shaped the lives of our nation.

200 short documentaries, 1500 exclusive photographs taken from international archives and original artifacts are displayed here among of which are Rabin’s wedding Ketubah, his famous Marlboro cigarettes and a his own study which was taken from his Tel Aviv apartment and rebuild completely untouched including a television broadcasting the very football match that Rabin watched before leaving his house to the peace rally on November 4, 1995.

The spiral shaped corridor allows visitors to explore every part of the exhibition with much ease, together with special audio devices that provide further information according to your specific location.

The exceptional architecture of the building was designed by renown architect Moshe Safadie. Built on top of a hill in Ramat Aviv and overlooking the urban Tel Aviv scenery, this museum is a must.

Photos courtesy of: Israel Ministry of Tourism

Photos by:Dana Friedlander


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