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Old Jaffa Port

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Known as one of the oldest ports in the world with a history that goes way back to biblical times, the Old Port of Jaffa is like a little time capsule well preserved.

Throughout history, it was considered an important strategic place and the main gateway to Israel, and therefore was conquered by the Egyptians, Philistines, Romans, Phoenicians and Greeks. It is believed that from here, Jonah the prophet set off to his long journey that ended in the belly of a giant whale.

This port still stands to this day but instead of old prophets, its huge hangars now accommodate art galleries, restaurants, bars and organic markets with fresh local delicacies. An extensive restoration process has turned this port into a lively and cultural venue and brought it back to life.

Daily boat trips are available and a long stroll through the adjacent alleys (that go by the names of the Zodiac signs) is highly recommended. From here you can climb up the stairs that lead to the Old Jaffa Hill where, at its top stands the picturesque St. Peter’s Franciscan church.

Photos courtesy of: Israel Ministry of Tourism


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