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Dancing Camel Pub & Brewery

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Dancing Camel is one of Israel’s original microbreweries, a place where people from all over the country have been going for years when they’d had enough of Goldstar and bland European imports and needed to satiate their craving for a full-flavored, hand-crafted brew.

Dancing Camel has all the micro-brew favorites, such as rich stouts, American and India pale Ales, wheat beers and others, as well as a variety of special creations inspired by Jewish and Israeli culture. The Golem, a long-standing favorite named after the undead monster of European Jewish myth,  is an iced version of the Dancing Camel IPA that comes in at a whopping 11% (plus) ABV while retaining its drinkable flavors. Gordon Beach Blond is a blond ale with a touch of typical Mediterranean flavors –mint and rosemary — made for drinking on the Tel Aviv beach while chowing down on salads and seafood, in between surfing and volleyball sessions, of course. Other specialties include the chili-infused Leche Del Diablo wheat beer and the 613 pomegranate ale brewed in honor of the Jewish New Year, among many other regular and seasonal brews.

Dancing Camel Locations

The success of Dancing Camel and the recent explosion of micro-brewing in Israel has led the brewery to expand.

The Original Dancing Camel Pub & Brewery

Where the magic all started…

Where: 12 HaTa’asiya Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Hours: Sunday-Thursday from 5 pm until the last customer; Friday from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm; Saturday from 7:00 pm until the last customer
Contact: 03-624-2783

Dancing Camel Florentin

The trendy, hipster Florentin district in South Tel Aviv is the newest destination for Dancing Camel micro-brews.

Where: 10 Vital Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Hours: Sunday-Saturday from 7:00 pm until the last customer
Contact: 03-518-5870

Photo: Courtesy of the Israel Ministry of Tourism/Dana Friedlander


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